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Part two

Ⅰ.Write the words according to phonetic symbols.(根据所给音标写出对应单词)

1. In winter, women like wearing _________[skɑ:vz] over their shoulders or hair.

2. There is now a fierce _________[ˌkɒmpəˈtɪʃn] between schools to attract students.

3. They had a house _________[bɪlt] for his parents to enjoy a quiet and peaceful life in the future.

4. The man risked his life to rescue several _________[ˈfɪʃəmən] from the storm in the sea.

1. scarves  2.competition  3.built  4.fishermen

. Choose the best answer.(单项选择)

1. Forests are very important because some birds make their nests _________ trees and some small animals and insects look for some fruit _________ trees as their food.

A. In in                B. on ,in                 C. on, on                  D. in, on

2. He may become a businessman __________ .

A.in fifteen years’ time                          B.in fifteen year’s time

C .after fifteen years’ time                        D. after fifteen years’ time

3. --Must all the students wear summer uniforms in September ,early October, late April and May?

--I’m afraid they _________ .

A. needn’t              B. must                 C. need                   D. mustn’t

4. He would like to buy the book you recommend , but ________ was in the bookstore.

A. nothing              B. none                 C.no one                 D. neither

5. The class teacher happened to see him ________ the old lady cross the road when she was on her way home yesterday.

A. help                 B. helping               C.to help                 D. helped

6. You can’t stop people ________ what they think but you’d better stop ________ bad words behind others all the time.

A. saying, to say          B. saying, saying          C.to say, to say             D.to say, saying

7. The wind became a typhoon and it was so ________ that it blew the trees down.

A. fiercely              B .fierce                 C. gentle                  D. gently

8. Firemen tried to free the injured and the fire ________ put out until mid-night.

A. didn’t               B. wasn’t                 C.is                     D./

9. Farmers need water to water the crops and vegetable on their farms,_________ they?

A. needn’t              B. need                  C. don’t                   D.do

10. I like the salad made ______ apples and strawberries and the bread made ________ corn.

A. of, of              B. of, from                 C. from, from               D. from, of

11. The population of Shanghai is ________ than ________ of Bangkok.

A. More ,that          B. larger, it           C. bigger, that               D. more ,population

12. It is cold outside. Please keep the door _________ to keep ________ .

A .close, warm        B .closed, warm              C.to close, warmth          D. closing, warmth

13. –Dad ,I’m afraid the work is too tough for me.

--_________ .

A. You are welcome.                             B.Well done.

C.I believe you can do it.                         D.Thank you so much.



1. 考察介词+tree的用法,in tree表示来自树木外部,例如鹦鹉、鸟窝;on tree表示来自树木自身,例如叶子、果实等。

2. 考察名词复数所有格,直接在s后加’。

3. 考察must提问的两种作答,肯定用must,否定用needn’t。

4. 考察不定代词的用法,nothing表示什么都没有,none一个都没有,no one表示一个人都没有,neither与nor连用表示两者中这也没有那也没有。

5. 考察see的搭配,happen to表示碰巧,see sb. do表示看见某人做了某事的全过程,see sb. doing表示看见某人正在做某事的瞬间。

6. 考察stop的搭配stop to do表示停下手中的事去做另一件事,stop doing表示停下手中的事。

7. 考察形容词和副词的用法,be动词后接形容词构成系表结构。

8. 考察被动时态,be put out表示被扑灭。

9. 考察need的用法,此处need to do,故此处的need是谓语动词而非情态动词。

10. 考察make的用法,make of表示由……构成且最终看得见原材料,make from表示由……构成且最终看不见原材料。

11. 考察比较级,形容人口用big或者large,that代指前面的the population。

12. 考察close的形容词,closed、warm与keep构成系表结构。

13. 考察问答句。

III Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each word can only be used once.

A. cleared from     B. travel     C. hit      D. among     E. flying      F. in case

Tilly Smith, the 11-year-old British girl, who was called as “Angle of the Beach”, saved 100 tourists from a Thai beach 1 by the tsunami in 2004 and has been named Child of the Year by readers of a French children’s newspaper.
She won the Mon Quotidien Award.

Tilly had studied tsunamis with her geography teacher shortly before 2 to Thailand for a holiday with her parents and younger sister .

As she watched the waves suddenly begin to move back, and the sea was bubbling , she warned her mother that the beach was about to be struck by a tsunami. Her parents warned other holidaymakers and hotel staff that a tsunami was coming. Many other people were 3 the beach at Phuket.
Tilly, now 11,has just come back in Thailand for memorializing the death of the disaster.She    said: “It’s really good, just to know about tsunamis or any natural disaster 4 you are in one. I’m very glad that I was able to say on the beach that a tsunami was coming. And I’m glad that they listened to me.”
She had earlier said that the state of the sea was just the same as in her geography lesson.

Tilly is now very popular 5 French children. Her picture appears on the front page of Mon Quotidien, which is read by 10 to 14-year-olds.

答案C E A F D

IV. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms.

pass     intelligent    careful    compete    move

1He rushed into the burning house to save the people stuck in and seemed of his own safety.

2Good news came that he was among 20 who entered the final race.

3It is one of moments to see how much strangers can care for each other.

4What made me disappointed was that he didn’t even have the to call for an ambulance when the accident happened.

5How time flies!Three months since we joined the club.

答案:1careless 2、competitors   3the most moving  4、intelligence   5、has passed

VRetire the following sentences as required .

1All passengers had to buy tickets from a bus conductor.(反义疑问句)

All passengers had to buy tickets from a bus conductor,

2He has practiced speaking English every day since he was 5 years old. (划线部分提问)

has he practiced speaking English every day?

3He kept calm on hearing the bad news . He didn’t begin to cry.(合并成一句话)

He kept calm on hearing the bad news beginning to cry.

4 thelectureuninteresting, waited, end, of, because, the, lecture, was, till, people, the, few(连词成句)

答案:1didn’t they   2、Since when  3instead of / rather than

4Few people waited till the end of the lecture because the lecture was uninteresting.

Part Three Reading and Writing


1. Reading comprehension.

Here is the content ( 目录 ) of a book





Unit1 Music

*Music & Feelings
*Sad movies

*Understanding main ideas
*Predicting by title

*Kinds of Music
*Music stars

Unit2 Sports

*National Sports
*The ancient Olympic Games

*Understanding main ideas
*Guessing meaning of new words

*Action verbs
*Names of sports
Sports tools

Unit3 Weather

*Weather service
*Weather and nature

*Understanding main ideas
*Guessing meaning of new words

*Weather conditions
*Weather information

Unit4 Culture

*Travelling in India
*Body language in the United States

*Understanding main ideas
*Predicting by title
*Making inferences

*Cultural studies
*Culture and art

Unit5 Space

*Living in space
*The planets

*Understanding main ideas
*Understanding attitude

*Space news
*Space terms

Choose the best answers. (5%)

1. If you’re interested in music, you can read “____”

ANational sports

BSad movies

CThe planets

DWeather service

2. You can learn something about weather in _____

AUnit 1

BUnit 2

CUnit 3

DUnit 4

3. Words about _____ are in Unit 5.

Amusic stars

Bweather conditions

Csports tools

Dspace news

4. If you like culture, you can read “____”

ALiving in space

BUnit 2

CUnit 3

DUnit 4

5. In all the units, you can learn the skill of _____

Apredicting by title

Bunderstanding attitude

Cunderstanding main ideas

Dguessing meaning of new words


Many of you have heard a Cinderella (灰姑娘) story, but you may not know that there are over a hundre d different ways to tell the Cinderella story. When writers tell the same story in a different way, it is called their “version” of the story. The story of Cinderella has many different versions. Let’s read two of them and find out how they are different.

The version that most people know is the oldest one written in 1697 by Charles Perrault from France. This is the version where the birds help make Cinderellas’s dress and the mice turn into carriage men (马车夫) and help Cinderella go to the dance in a pumpkin (南瓜) carriage. In this version, many of the animals are Cinderella’s friends. They help her meet the Prince. Cinderella marries the Prince and they live happily together ever after.

In another version of this story written in the 1850s by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm from Germany, the birds help Cinderella in the whole story. Cinderella’s father gives her a little tree when he comes back from a party. She plants the little tree and her tears water it until it grows into a tall tree.

The birds now live in the tree and they give Cinderella a dress of gold and shoes of gold. Cinderella goes to the party to meet and dance with the Prince. Later, he finds Cinderella at home doing work for her stepmother (继母). Cinderella marries the Prince and they live happily ever after.

Now you can understand what the word “version” means and how more than one writer can tell a story in a different way. T hat is why there are may versions of the same story.

1. In the story written in 1697, ________ helped make Cinderella’s dress.

A. her father   B. her stepmother   C. the birds    D. the mice

2. In Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s story, Cinderella’s father ________.

A. gives her some birds            B. gives her a little tree

C. makes a gold dress for her       D. makes gold shoes for her

3. The Chinese meaning of the word “version” in this passage is probably “________”.

A. 人物 B. 语气 C. 方法 D. 版本

4. If we put the passage into three parts, which of the following is the best

(①= Para. (自然段) 1 ②= Para. 2 ③= Para. 3 ④= Para. 4 ⑤= Para. 5)

A. ①; ②③④; ⑤                       B. ①②; ③; ④⑤

C. ①②; ③④; ⑤                       D. ①; ②; ③④⑤


Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage. (6%)

When I entered Berkeley, I hoped to earn a scholarship (奖学金). As a Straight-A (A) student all the way through, I believed I could take tough subjects and really learn something. One such course was World Literature given by Professor Jayne. I was extremely interested in the ideas he taught in class.

When I took the first exam, I was 40 to find a 77, C-plus, on my test paper, for English was my best subject. I went to Professor Jayne, who listened to my arguments but he 41 to do anything about it .

I decided to try harder, 42 I didn't know what that meant because school had always been easy for me. I read the books more carefully, but got another 77. Again, I reasoned with Professor Jayne. Again, he listened patiently but wouldn't 43 .

One more test before the final exam. So I worked even harder and, for the first time, learned the meaning of the word "thorough". But my effort did no good and 44 stayed as before.

The last hurdle was the final. No matter what grade I got, it wouldn't cancel three C-pluses. I stopped working hard. I felt I knew the course material as well as I ever would. The night before the final, I even relaxed myself to a movie. The next day I decided for once I'd have with a test.

A week later, I was surprised to find I got an A. I hurried into Professor Jayne's office. He seemed to be expecting me, "If I gave you the grade as you expected , you wouldn't continue to work as hard."

I stared at him, realizing what he said was correct, I had worked my head off , as I had

never done before. I was surprised, when my course grade arrived: A-plus. It was the only A-plus given. The next year I received my scholarship. I've always remembered Professor Jayne's 45 :You alone must set your own standard of excellence.

( )40. A. shocke

( )41. A. agreed

( )42. A. although

( )43. A. look at me

( )44. A. anything

( )45. A. test

B. presented

B. refused

B. unless

B. look after me

B. something

B. movie

C. exchanged

C. decided

C. if

C. talk with me

C. everything

C. lesson

D. or

D. had

D. when

D. change his mind

D. nothing

D. exam


Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper wods.(6%)

To protect the environment, we are on the way. Here are a few things we can do.
Unwanted gifts? Give them away!
Have you ever received a gift that you didn’t like? Did you throw it away? If so, you can have a 1 choice now. Two British companies hopes people will give away their unwanted gifts to them. And they will resell the gifts to raise money for the poor. In this way, the gifts can be refused and have a future life. And people can make a d      2 to the world.
Wear the trousers that reduce(减少) pollution!
A chemistry scientist and a fashion designer (时装设计师) have created a new kind of trousers. The trousers are made of a new m     3 which can help reduce air pollution around us. Scientists have tested the material. The result s     4 that it isn’t harmful to human. This new kind of trousers may appear at the market in two years. Professor Ryan said, “If thousands of people wear the trousers, the air quality will be improved.”
Plant trees with Felix
Felix Finkbeiner, a 14-year-old German boy, is not famous as a child actor but an environment hero. At the age of 9, Felix got the I     5 that children could do something to protect the environment. So he started a club. Felix soon got support from children all over the world. Some of them have become his good friends. The club has an aim of planting 212 million trees. They have planted over 3.5 million trees all around the world. Felix said, “The answer to c   6 global(全球的) warming is trees—lots of trees!”


Welcome to the Painting Competition for Woolands Students.

The International Anti-Drug Day this year is coming soon. In order to raise teenagers awareness to fight against drug taking. The seat on the council is going to hold a painting competition for the students in our city.

Students who want to take part in the competition can hand in their own 2D paintings in either of the following two ways:

Each school will be provided with a box for students to put in their paintings. Boxes will be picked up by the City Art Council on Thursday July 23rd 2016 before the end of the school day.

Paintings can be also handed in on Friday July 24th from 8:00 am to 10:00 am at the Woodlands Art Hall (175Riverside Street).

All paintings are required to be 60cm wide by 80cm long or smaller. Larger sizes of you not be accept. Each student can only hand in one painting.

The final decision on the competition results will be made on June 26th the Anti-Drug Day. The name list of the winners will be made known on the website of the City Art Council on the same day. All women paintings will be shown to the public at the City Youth Park from June 27th till the end of July.

Prize: 1st Prize10 students=$300 Gift Card each.

2nd Prize20 students=$200 Gift Card each.

3rd Prize30 students=$100 Gift Card each.

For further information:Visithttp: //www.woodlandsartcouncil.org.cn call 2569-8632.

Answer the following questions. (8%)

1. The Anti-Drug Day isn’t on June 26th, is it?

2. How many students in all will win the prizes?

3. Why is the City Art Council going to hold a painting competition for the students in the city?

4.How long will all winning paintings be shown to the public at the City Park?

5.How can the students who take part in the competition hand in their paintings?





D another, difference, material, shows/suggests, idea, controlling

E: 1. Yes, it is.

2. 60

3. Because it wants to raise teenagers awareness to fight against drug taking.

4. For 34 days.

5. They can put their paintings in a box what was school provived.

II. Writing (6%)

Writing a composition of at least 60 words about how to save water in our homes.

1. Why must we save water?

2. What do we use water to do in our homes?

3. How can we save water in our homes? List at least 3 ways to save water.

How to Save Water in Our Homes

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